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Athlete Stories

"Working with Neal has elevated my performance to the next level. Before seeing Neal, I was struggling to execute dives in competition as well as I knew I could. I was very frustrated with myself and could not find a path forward. Under Neal's guidance, I learned an array of mental skills and developed a process that helped me train and compete to the best of my abilities. I saw Neal throughout my junior and senior year of high school and had an immensely success two years culminating in two Virginia State Championship wins, a Junior National Championship win, multiple Senior National podiums, and my acceptance to Stanford University.  Neal is truly an expert in his field and I would not be where I am today if it were not for him and his support."


Conor Casey, University of Stanford

Class of 2022


"When I first came to Neal I was fresh off my second knee surgery in less than 6 months and was questioning whether or not I could ever return to being the player I was pre-injuries. Neal helped me with strategies to not only get through my recovery but to ultimately become a mentally and physically stronger player, capable of ultimately playing lacrosse at the highest level. During my freshman year at Yale I was able to use the processes that I learned with Neal and had a breakout season as the team’s leading goal scorer. I owe so much of my confidence and ability to overcome adversity in lacrosse (and in life) to Neal." 


Jill Gollub, Yale University 

Class of 2022

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