Neal has a proven track record of support in the performance areas of performing arts, business, and life.

Applying the philosophy, principles of success and practices used by elite athletes he enables musicians. actors, CEO's/business owners and individuals in life to to enjoy higher levels of success, increased motivation & wellbeing, and overall productivity.



  • national competition wins

  • passing exams

  • increased business revenue

  • new business development

  • more effective work practices

  • work promotions

  • career transition/pathways

  • increased productivity/organisation

  • conflict resolution

  • developing adaptive perfectionism

  • increased self-esteem, wellbeing and happiness

"It’s been almost a year since I have been introduced to Dr. Neal and started our sessions. Hands down it has been and continues to be an incredible journey of transformation on both personal and professional levels. It has allowed me to gain clarity on who I am, redefine my values, build self confidence and get equipped with great tools to navigate everyday challenges and build a life on my own terms. Thank you Dr. Neal for bringing so much balance and fulfillment into my life."

Irina - Toronto, Canada