If you are an individual, team or organisation that wants to perform at a higher level, then I can help you. I offer a range of services including, athlete/player services, coaching services, education/school services, and speaking services.



Neal has over 25 years' experience in supporting over a 1000 athletes from Olympic to grassroots level. Athletes relate to his passion and his systematic approach to performance change. He has a proven track record of raising athlete's performance level through development of performance psychology skills and the processes of performance, that maximise training and allow consistent performance at the highest level.

  • Performance ProfilingSport specific assessment of foundational skills, learning processes, competitiveness & mental skills.

  • Strategic plan. To develop the foundation, mental skills and processes of performance, to maximise learning and perform consistently at the highest level.

  • 1:1 support. In implementing the strategic plan with meetings & supporting resources.

  • Overcoming specific performance issues. eg. recovery from injury, loss of confidence, anxiety, perfectionism, retirement.

  • Specialist in young athletes. Aiding transition to elite, national, and professional level.



Neal has a strong record of providing high level support to those in coaching settings. He specialises in supporting sport organisations, academies, clubs, Performance/Academy Directors, and coaches. His reputation is built upon his ability to translate leading scientific principles and research, into practical sustainable systems and practices that empower and equip organisations, Performance/Academy Directors, and coaches to maximise the learning environment and the performance of the athletes & players they support.

  • CPD for Performance/Academy Directors & coaches. Practical workshops, training programmes, ongoing support, online communities & resources.

  • Assisting Performance/Academy Directors in implementing vision, supporting high level performance athlete programmes, overcoming conflicts/issues with parents.

  • Providing performance psychology training and support for athletes.



As a qualified teacher & coach, and with over 25 years experience in education; Neal has a strong record of providing high level support to those in educational settings. He specialises in supporting Directors of Sport, teachers and coaches in integrating performance culture and performance psychology processes, that develop optimal learning environments which develop performance and participation in young people in a proactive rather than reactive way. He also supports high performance athletes players in and out of school programmes.

  • CPD for Directors of Sport, teachers & coaches. Practical workshops, training programmes, ongoing support, online communities, and resources.

  • Assisting Directors of Sport in implementing vision, supporting high level performance athlete programmes, supporting increased participation & wellbeing, overcoming conflicts/issues with parents.

  • Providing performance psychology training and support for high performance athletes in/out of school programmes.



Neal delivers inspiring talks designed around the specific requirements of each audience. Each talk is carefully designed to challenge and motivate the audience to bring about positive changes in performance. Practical sustainable solutions are provided, along with relevant examples & case studies from his extensive experience in elite sport, education and business.


Changing the Game

Based on Carse's concept of The Finite vs. Infinite Game, Neal outlines the performance and personal limitations of the finite game. He discusses the need to challenge those who promote/further the finite game, outlines the significant advantages of playing the infinite game, and illustrates practical ways to play the infinite game for the future of sport and for the benefit of all athletes.

Ferrari Fuel - Developing High Quality Motivation

Focused on understanding the need for high quality fuel. Neal's talk focuses on what high quality motivation is, why it is important, and how it can be developed to lead to Ferrari type performance. 

Process, process, process - Sustainable long-term success

Having worked with and observed many of the top athletes and programmes in the world for the past 20 years, Neal has identified the key processes that lead to long term success. In this talk he identifies those key processes and how to implement them in culture, with individuals and teams.

Prevention is better than cure - Leaders don't put fires out...they don't light them

Neal has built a reputation for challenging the reactive approach to issues in performance, especially with young athletes. In this talk he addresses the weaknesses of the 'fire extinguishers' culture and promotes the use of foundational philosophy, principles and practices that lead to sustainable long-term performance success.



Based in W. Sussex, UK., Dr. Bowes (PhD., CMPC) provides support throughout the world, with clients in the UK, Europe and USA. He is available to consult in person and via online platforms (Skype, Zoom, etc). 


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