Neal delivers inspiring talks, focused on performance psychology, designed around the specific requirements of each audience. Each talk is carefully designed to challenge and motivate the audience to bring about higher levels of performance success. Practical sustainable solutions are provided, along with relevant examples & case studies from his extensive experience in elite sport, education and business.


Success Isn't Random

Neal's signature talk is based upon his upcoming book Success Isn't Random. It gives insights into how the most successful athletes achieve their success. He explores the foundation philosophy that underpins success and the 12 key principles of success that from his extensive experiences in elite sport make a critical difference. A must listen for anyone who wants to better understand how to achieve higher levels of success. 

It Ain't What You Do Its The Way You Do It

This critical talk outlines the importance of the learning environment and how with the right learning environment many of the desirable performance and psychological (wellbeing, motivation, confidence, self esteem) outcomes can be achieved.  A must listen for all coaches, teachers and DOS, academy managers.

Inside The Elite Athletes Mind

This talk gives critical insights into the characteristics, mindset, and performance psychology skills used by the top athletes in the world. It allows athletes and coaches to better understand the processes and skills that lead to the highest level performance so they too can perform at a higher level. 

Ferrari Fuel - Developing High Quality Motivation

Focused on understanding that without the right motivation athletes struggle to not only perform but also feel good about themselves, Neal's talk focuses on what high quality motivation is, why it is critical to success and wellbeing, and how it can be developed to lead to Ferrari type performance. 

Process, process, process - Sustainable long-term success

Having worked with and observed many of the top athletes and programmes in the world for the past 25 years, Neal has identified the key processes that lead to long term success. In this talk he identifies those key processes and how to implement them in culture, with individuals and teams.

Prevention is better than cure - Leaders don't put fires out...they don't light them

Neal has built a reputation for challenging the reactive approach to issues in performance and athletes wellbeing, especially with young athletes. In this talk he addresses the weaknesses of the 'fire extinguishers' culture that has begun to proliferate youth sport and schools and promotes the use of foundational philosophy, principles and practices that lead to sustainable long-term performance success.