Dr. Neal Bowes (PhD.) has over 25 years experience of performance at the highest level as a player, educator, business owner and provider of performance psychology support. He has built an extensive and impressive track record of success both in the UK and USA for his ability to change performance at all levels. His strengths lie in his ability to relate to athletes, coaches and teachers and translate leading scientific principles, research and knowledge from both the sporting and business communities, into sustainable processes and practices that lead to longer-term successes. 


He has a proven track record of success from Olympic, professional, academy, school and grassroots level.


He has provided support to over 1,000 athletes/players including Olympic, national and professional level performers. He has provided on site support at European tournaments and prepared athletes and coaches for World Championships, Pam American and Olympic Games. He has been employed on several World Class Performance Programmes in the UK.  He also founded a highly successful sports performance consultancy practice in the USA which became the ‘go to‘ provider in the DC. Metro area. He has delivered in excess of 20,000 direct contact hours with athletes. Example successes with performers include international selection for major events, national level selection, enhanced professional contracts, increased tour prize money, scholarship/selection to top USA colleges, transition from junior national to senior national teams, recovery from major injuries, changing coaching & teaching environments, and increasing learning, enjoyment, wellbeing and performance thoughout the performance pyramid.

Neal has made a significant impact on young peoples experiences in sport.  He has written national level guidelines for long-term athlete development (LTAD), integrated cultural change, provided full programme provision,  and developed CPD programs for sports organisations, schools and academies in the UK & USA. The CARE™ learning approach, developed from his doctoral research, has been integrated into sports, PE and coaching programmes and benefited over 500,000 children to date bringing highly desirable psychological benefits of increased wellbeing, self esteem, confidence and quality motivation. 

Dr. Bowes gained his PhD. from the University of Bristol and holds masters and undergraduate degrees from the University of Warwick. Neal was a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) for 15 years and previously a British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences (BASES) Accredited Sport Psychologist. He also holds a certificate in counselling. His former high level playing experience in football gives him an excellent insight into the demands of high-level sport. He is a qualified teacher, qualified coach, and former national level coach educator and has over 25 years experience in educational and coaching settings.

Neal is a popular speaker and has appeared in leading publications and media outlets such as Runners World, BBC, ABC, NBC and CNN news.


In his own words…

“I’m passionate about impacting performance. My broad background in sport, education and business has given me a unique perspective on performance and success.  I've been fortunate to be involved with and learn from some of the most influential programs and people in the sports and business world, and have developed an approach to performance success that encompasses the best practices. I’m known for bringing real changes to performance, the care and investment I make in athletes, and making what seems complicated and unlikely, simple and achievable.  I want to make the principles and practices of success accessible to anyone who has the desire to reach higher levels of performance in a sustainable and enjoyable way.“