SUCCESS is not random

Dr. Neal Bowes


Success can mean different things to different people. For an elite athlete it can be winning medals, but for a school it may be engaging pupils to exercise in a meaningful way. Most aspire to success, many talk about success, but success is often hard to achieve. Success isn’t quick, it is difficult to maintain, and desire alone isn’t enough. It requires something different.


It requires the ability to inspire new standards, ask and solve difficult questions, see what others miss, know the difference between activity and achievement, build foundations rather than seek short term fixes, develop peoples strengths, remove the things that limit them, add the skills they lack, and genuinely care & invest in their pathway. It also requires extensive experience of the challenges, the practicalities, the testing/refinement of the solutions and the ability to understand and adapt to each situation and individual.


See the successes others have achieved with this difference.


About Dr. Neal Bowes

Dr. Neal Bowes (PhD., CMPC) has over 25 years experience of performance at the highest level as a player, educator, business owner and provider of performance psychology support. He has built a strong reputation and impressive track record both in the UK and USA for his ability to change performance at all levels. His strengths lie in his ability to relate to athletes, coaches and teachers and translate leading scientific principles, research and knowledge from both the sporting and business communities, into sustainable processes and practices that lead to infinite longer-term successes. 

He has a proven track record of success from Olympic, professional, academy, school and grassroots level. 


What people SAY...

"Working with Neal has elevated my performance to the next level. Before seeing Neal, I was struggling to execute dives in competition as well as I knew I could. I was very frustrated with myself and could not find a path forward. Under Neal's guidance, I learned an array of mental skills and developed a process that helped me train and compete to the best of my abilities. I saw Neal throughout my junior and senior year of high school and had an immensely success two years culminating in two Virginia State Championship wins, a Junior National Championship win, multiple Senior National podiums, and my acceptance to Stanford University.  Neal is truly an expert in his field and I would not be where I am today if it were not for him and his support."

Conor Casey, University of Stanford

Class of 2022



Based in W. Sussex, UK., Dr. Bowes (PhD., CMPC) provides support throughout the world, with clients in the UK, Europe and USA. He is available to consult in person and via online platforms (Skype, Zoom, etc). 


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