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Developing the next generation of athletes


"One of the greatest performance limiters for athletes is the lack of consistent and coherent development of sport psychology skills from a young age"

With the right sport psychology training young athletes can reach higher levels of performance, limit future performance barriers, learn at a faster rate, and feel good about themselves. Too many never get this chance.


Dr. Bowes is committed to equipping young athletes with the right sport psychology foundations, principles and skillsets at the right age. He is also driven to equip coaches, teachers, parents, school & clubs with the knowledge and practical approaches to maximise young athletes’ psychological development.



  • Psychological Literacy Program (PLP) 6-11 years

  • Psychological Performance Programme (PPP) 12-18 years

  • Elite Performance Program (EPP) 18+ years

  • Assessment

  • Monthly support programs

  • Sporting resources

  • Athlete journals

  • School & club programs

  • Talks & workshops

  • CPD


  • Maximised performance

  • Removal of performance barriers

  • Coping with pressure

  • Competition readiness

  • Robust confidence

  • Emotional control/intelligence

  • High quality motivation

  • High self esteem

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Enhanced wellbeing & skills for life

  • Transferable skills to school &  life

  • Over 25 years of experience

  • Extensive record of success with young athletes, many of whom have gone on to compete at national, Olympic and professional level

  • Qualified teacher, coach, and former elite player

  • Practical applied approach

  • Ensures all athletes have sound psychological foundations

  • Expert in-depth assessments

  • Individualised sport specific programs

  • A proactive rather than reactive approach

  • All work is grounded in leading research, science, and best industry practice

  • Extensive track record of success with academies, schools and clubs

  • Equips coaches and teachers with embedded practices to develop athletes psychological skills

  • Offers parents expert guidance 


Athlete successes  

25+ years 

Experience working with young athletes


Coaches and teachers trained


"He gets it"

"I have achieved things I never thought were possible"


"It feels like talking to a great coach"

"He's a game changer"

"He has changed my life"

"You really know he is invested in you & cares about you"

"It really works"

"It's like magic, he changes players without them knowing it's happening"

"It also made me a better person and do better in school"


If you would like to know more about my services, the FAQ is the best place to start. If there is anything else you need don't hesitate to contact me.

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