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Dr. Neal Bowes (PhD.) has an extensive and impressive track record of success both in the UK & USA with athletes, teams, organisations, business, and individuals. He has provided support to over 1,000 athletes/players from junior to senior level including Olympic, national, and professional level performers.


While most aspire to success and many talk about it, achieving it is much harder. Success isn’t quick, it is difficult to maintain, and desire alone isn’t enough. It requires something different.


It requires the ability to inspire new standards, ask and solve difficult questions, see what others miss, know the difference between activity and achievement, build foundations rather than seek short term fixes, develop peoples strengths, remove the things that limit them, add the skills they lack, and genuinely care & invest in their pathway. It also requires extensive experience of the challenges, the practicalities, the testing/refinement of the solutions and the ability to understand and adapt to each situation and individual.

Come and experience the difference for yourself.