Neal has a strong record of providing the highest level of support to those in coaching settings. As a former high level player, qualified coach and extensive experience of supporting athletes/players, he has unique insights into performance success. He supports sporting organisations, academies, clubs, Performance/Academy Directors, and coaches. His reputation is built upon his ability to translate leading scientific principles and research, into practical sustainable systems and practices that maximise the learning environment and enhance the performance of athletes & players. He provides specialised performance psychology support to players and teams to enhance performance and prepare for major competition/events. He also provides valuable CDP for coaches and support for parents through parent education


  • developing long-term performance and person centred sporting culture

  • raising performance standards and expectations from elite to participation 

  • integrating leading practices into current provision

  • valued CPD leading to higher level coaching & tackling performance issues in sport

  • higher quality coaching

  • increased player retention

  • enhanced individual & team performances

  • winning national titles

  • successful preparation for national events/competition

  • transition from junior to senior national teams/pro level clubs

  • increased performance psychology skills, self-esteem, confidence, enjoyment, quality motivation & wellbeing

  • parent education leading to less conflict & increased support for players/athletes

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"I have known & worked with Dr Neal Bowes for 18 years. During that time I have utilized his expertise on many occasions to help guide & shape my practice in integrating science into delivery and the change management process that occurs within elite level sport. Neal's thought leadership is extensive, and he is able to transition many different environments - for example he has provided me with practical solutions to engaging with elite athletes, and also delivered strategic guidance frameworks for structure and environment to inform the athlete development processes that we integrated into UK sport in the early 2000's. Neal has advanced interpersonal skills and the ability to ask relevant questions that get to the heart of the issues, build trust, and then provide insights that can become game changers in the personal performance space. His experiences across the world and across sporting domains enable a unique perspective, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as an industry leader who can help guide vision, delivery and performance in many environments."       


Clive Brewer, former Director of High Performance, Columbus Crew, MLS & Toronto Blue Jays, MLB