As a qualified teacher & coach, and with over 25 years experience in education; Neal has a strong record of providing the highest level of support to those in educational settings. He specialises in supporting Directors of Sport, teachers and coaches in integrating performance culture and performance psychology processes to develop performance and participation in young people in a proactive rather than reactive way. He also supports high performance athletes & players within school academy/programmes to equip them with the performance psychology skills necessary to compete at the highest level. He also provides valuable CDP for coaches and teachers.


  • developing long-term performance and person centred sporting culture

  • raising performance standards and expectations from elite to participation 

  • valued CPD relative to tackling issues in school sport

  • enhanced individual & team performances & participation levels

  • winning national titles

  • successful preparation for national events/competition

  • overcoming performance limitations & injury recovery

  • transition from junior to senior national teams/pro level clubs

  • scholarships to leading sports colleges

  • developing adaptive perfectionism

  • increased performance psychology skills, self-esteem, confidence, enjoyment, quality motivation & wellbeing

"When I first came to Neal I was fresh off my second knee surgery in less than 6 months and was questioning whether or not I could ever return to being the player I was pre-injuries. Neal helped me with strategies to not only get through my recovery but to ultimately become a mentally and physically stronger player, capable of ultimately playing lacrosse at the highest level. During my freshman year at Yale I was able to use the processes that I learned with Neal and had a breakout season as the team’s leading goal scorer. I owe so much of my confidence and ability to overcome adversity in lacrosse (and in life) to Neal." 


Jill Gollub, Yale University 

Class of 2022