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A fine line...really?

I was shocked, although perhaps not, this week listening to a BBC interview regarding abuse in sport. During a conversation about British gymnastics and the Athlete A documentary, it was commented that there is a “fine line between bringing the best out of athletes and abuse”. Excuse me…

Anyone who believes that there is a fine line between the two have no place being anywhere near athletes. Abuse is abuse full stop. Shouting at athletes, berating them, making comments about their weight, forcing them to train through injury, and the like does not bring out the best in anyone. Thanks to the brave athletes standing up we know the negative physical, psychological, and emotionally consequences are real and enduring.

If we still live in a world where these and other abusive practices are justified through bringing out the best in performance, we have systematically failed not only as sport providers but also as human beings. We all have a responsibility as providers, parents, and athletes to end abusive practices. #Itstimetochange #speakup #endtheabuse

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